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Whenever I hit a “design block” I always turn to Pinterest for a little inspiration. The randomness of the images seem to help me get out of my own head and take a step back. While there are countless images that are beautiful to look at, there are just as many that can be extremely useful.

Today I stumbled on this info-gram pinned by blogger and friend of mine, Style Carrot. The image depicts “How To Hang Art” and displays several options for above a sofa. Stuff like this just gets my wheels turning…

KMID_Boston Interior Design_HowToHangArt_ThisOldAppartment

While I am a firm believer there is no right or wrong way to hang art, I do have a few tricks that can help you minimize the number of mistake holes you may nail into your walls.

Start by measuring the space now which you would like to display the art. Then mark this space out on a nice open floor space and start to lay down the art.

KMID_ArtHangning_Boston Interior Design

Arrange {and rearrange} the art within the measured dimensions on the floor to determine how you would like the art laid out. This is a great way to try a few different arrangements before banging any nails.

A few things to remember as you’re laying out your gallery wall…

1.) Frame Style :: Sticking with the same COLOR frame will help to unify the wall. They don’t have to be the same size OR the same style…all the same color will do it.

2.) Spacing :: I like to eyeball my spacing. {I know that probably doesn’t help you much.} The point is that the spacing doesn’t have to all be EXACTLY the same. Just be sure each piece has a little breathing room around it {1″ minimum}.

3.) Content :: Here we stuck with a black and white theme. We used everything from photographs to quotes to line drawings. The content can be a great way to add visual interest. If you have a number of photographs to hang then think about intermixing a quote or drawing or a map or something else besides just the photographs. This will help the wall feel more personal and give it a “collected” vibe.

KMID_ArtHanging2_Boston Interior Design

…and Voila!

KMID_ArtHanging3_Boston Interior Design

Some of these frames belonged to the client and we filled in the gaps with these frames from West Elm. The art is a collection of photography and mementos from our very style savvy client.  I always prefer using various pieces from a client’s personal collection rather than selecting it myself because it’s more authentic.  This is also a great way to display your children’s art work {verses scotch taping it to the fridge}.

KMID_ArtHaning4_Boston Interior Design

Gallery walls are not just for hallways and stairways. Powder Rooms are a great place to have some fun with them as well. You can be a little more playful with the content and it can create a great conversation piece for your guests.

Design Is Everywhere. Be Inspired.

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