Prescott Update :: Painting the town!

Selecting paint colors seems to be one thing that scares 99% of my clients. It’s so strange to me…it’s just paint! If you hate it, you repaint it! When selecting colors for an entire house the job may seem daunting but here are a few tips to help you make the right selection every time…and narrow down the nail bitters…

Tip #1 :: Trim

The trim color should be the same throughout the entire house. Done.

At Prescott we chose Benjamin Moore’s “Linen White”. Love it.


Other tried and true trim colors by Benjamin Moore include “White Dove” {clean and crisp} or “Navajo White” {creamy and warm}.

Tip #2 :: House Neutral

There should be one “old reliable” color that works throughout the space. This color will show up in all your hallways and probably in a room or two. If you can see one room from another room then you should be sure the colors work together. The house neutral can help to bridge the gap here.

At Prescott we chose Benjamin Moore’s “Elmira White”. It’s a beauty!


One other note here…painters are going to charge you more if you choose a bunch of colors so pick and choose your spots wisely and save yourself a penny.

Tip #3 :: Bathrooms

I consider bathrooms to be their own rooms. They are almost like their very own island. There is a door that can be closed and when you walk into these rooms they can feel all their own. If you want to take a risk with a color, a bathroom is a safe place to do that.

At Prescott we’re playing with color on the trim instead of the walls. The walls will be“Elmira White” but the trim {window, baseboard and door trim} will be “Mill Springs Blue”…ya know…just because…

This is an image I’ve had in my Pinterest collection for quite some time and gives you a good idea of the look we’re going for. I think the color will be so fun with the mini yellow hex tiles we just had installed in here…

Image by Apartment Therapy

Tip #4 :: Paint Finish

Trim = Semi-gloss {We’re taking it one step further with a High Gloss at Prescott}

Walls = Eggshell or Satin {We went with Eggshell}

Ceilings = Flat

Boring tip but you have no idea how many people ask me this

Tip #5 :: Go for it!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. It’s only paint!

I mean…why not paint your dining room mauve…

Yes. I did. “Deep Mauve” in fact.

The rest of the colors you’re going to have to see in person…or in the “after” shots. I’m so excited to see these spaces finished and our art on the walls. I’m working with my local framer to get some special pieces framed as we speak! So exciting!

Remember this beauty from High Point? If not, you really have to start following me@kmidesign on Instagram {wink}. How pretty will she look on the mauve walls?! I can hardly wait!


My wallpaper installer will also be at the house in the coming weeks {as soon as the woodwork and ceilings are finished in these rooms}. These details are really the ones I’ve been waiting for. I’m wallpapering three locations at Prescott. The Powder Room, the Kitchen and the Stair Hall ceiling from the entry to the 2nd floor landing. I honestly might start skipping when I see these in place!


Sanderson || Clarence House || Harlequin

Have a great week everyone!

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