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One Kings Lane has become a favorite source of mine when hunting the internet for something new and fresh. They do all the digging and sourcing for you and only share the products that align with the OKL brand….which often aligns with the KMID brand so it’s a win win for us. The lines they recommend are among the best and so is their reputation so it takes the guesswork out of trying a new brand…and makes my job that much easier {wink}.

One Kings Lane reached out to me last week to participate in their Chair Crush Series. When OKL expressed they were reaching out to their favorite bloggers to participate in the series I was honored to write a piece for them. While I have had several chair crushes over the years here are a few I have simply been swooning over lately from the “accent chairs” collection on One Kings Lane.


Characteristics:  A club chair is large in scale and is described as a “comfy arm chair”.  It originated in the Art Deco period in France and is usually found in leather.  Today it can be found in almost any kind of fabric and is known as the perfect lounge chair.
I placed four of them surrounding a round wooden coffee table in our Martha’s Vineyard project this past summer.  It’s shown here as a vino table because wine is obviously the next best thing after coffee to lounge with…and the view doesn’t hurt here…especially at sunset…just sayin! Kate Maloney Interior Design Portfolio - Martha's Vineyard

My Club Chair Crush

I love the lines of this piece. Club chairs can quickly get clunky and over scaled but this little gem is just the right proportion.

KMID_Boston Interior Design_ClubChair

The Britta Club Chair, Light Green
by One Kings Lane


Characteristics:  A Wing Back Chair is a taller Club Chair with “wings”.  The wings on the back of the chair were originally placed to keep a draft from the fireplace from hitting the back of the person sitting in the chair.  I love the lines of this chair and while the strategy of the placement of the chairs below was not to protect from draft, I can still take credit right?!

Kate Maloney Interior Design Portfolio - New Hampshire


My Wingback Chair Crush

Wing chairs are classic. They are so often oversized or overstuffed and it literally makes me sad. A wing chair should be clean and simple in my opinion. It just is what it is. Let the graceful lines speak for themselves.



Addison Wingback Chair
by One Kings Lane


Characteristics:  This is the best kind of chair – the chair with no rules! An accent chair can be whatever you want it to be. This chair could be placed solo in the corner of a room for a reading nook or paired as a conversation area.  The “Accent Chair” below is actually a vintage camel saddle I found at Brimfield.  Like I said, an accent chair can literally be anything!

KMID_StichOnTwo_Boston Interior Design

My Accent Chair Crush

It’s hard to just pick one I am crushing on so here are three!  An accent chair just needs to have something interesting to it…pattern, shape or a combination of both. It’s what can give a room a little twist, a little personality and a little fun. I’m notorious for putting a quirky chair in the corner and I love it!  All of the below chairs were selected from the “accent chairs” collection on One Kings Lane.


    Miller Spindle                                           Madrid Chair                              Greek Peak Lounge
One Kings Lane                                      One Kings Lane                                  One Kings Lane
$2,715.00                                               $1,460.00                                               $2,190.00

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