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Artwork can make or break a room design. Early in my career I would leave the artwork selection up to the home owners. I saw it as a way for them to add their own touch to a space. What I quickly learned is that with a little direction as to what that artwork should be it can really be the icing on the cake in any scheme. The beauty of artwork is that it truly does not need to break the bank. Yes, maybe you should splurge on a piece that hits you in the heart but you don’t have to sacrifice good art if you’re on a budget.

There are, however, countless “art sources” out there so it can be quite intimating getting started. That’s what I’m here for!

Today I would like to share the work of Michael Ellis Studios with you. We recently found Michael’s work through his Etsy shop and instantly knew his botanical prints were a perfect fit for our master bedroom project in Arlington, Massachusetts. We needed something neutral but with some nice rich coloring. Botanicals are also a nice floral nod to a woman’s taste while not being overly feminine…a perfect fit in a master when we need to balance a more masculine approach.

Check out some of my favorites from his shop:


lobster || butterfly || bug


camera || heavens || chair


 L || G || H

Design is Everywhere. Be Inspired.


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