Friends of KMID

Friends of KMID :: Mate Gallery

“Mate Gallery comes home to roost in Manhattan and Montauk for the summer, and with it brings the best of New England vintage and art. “

A week or so ago, Mike and I enjoyed a mini-escape to NYC to celebrate with Mate Gallery {thank you YaYa}. We had the opportunity to do something completely out of our daily routine, and jumped on it!

I love celebrating with friends and family.   When the stars aligned for a mid-week overnight in NYC, we couldn’t pass up the chance to toast Matt and Ron.

This dream team opened a shop in Montecito California in 2013 to rave reviews. The shop brings quintessential New England charm to the West Coast.  I’ve had the opportunity to treasure hunt with these guys on several occasions. To watch them in action is to love them!  Each brings their own aesthetic {and vices}  together to create magic right before your eyes. The care and immense love of the process is what truly makes each hand-selected item feel so special.

After much success in California, they are coming home to New York City with a collection of new treasures. For a limited time this summer, Matt and Ron will be showcasing their vintage finds in the wheel house of a historical schooner turned oyster bar on the Hudson. Grand Banks is docked on Pier 25 in Tribeca through September and could be the perfect place to grab a summer cocktail and a little something from Mate Gallery.

Some pics from the opening and our {very cool} date night…


 Congrats gentlemen! Can’t wait to see the Surf Lodge space opening next month in Montauk!

Design is Everywhere {especially when your family is so talented}. Be inspired!

Friends of KMID :: Beyt by 2b design

I always get excited when I come across a new local artist to love and today I would like to take a minute to gush over Beyt by 2b design in Cambridge.

I was introduced to Beyt by two of our very dear clients who live just a few blocks from the shop. Beyt is not only a local source for gorgeous lighting and one of a kind furniture, they are a social enterprise that focuses on the greater good and giving back.  Hearing their philanthropic mission was both heart wrenching and inspiring so I wanted to pay it forward and hopefully inspire all of you with their story.

KMID_beyt_Boston Interior Design

2b design was founded by Benedicte de Blavous Moubarak and her husband Raja Moubarak who moved here from Lebanon. Their mission began to preserve the Lebanese heritage of architectural art found in salvage yards of Lebanon regions affected by war and employing those less fortunate in these regions by manufacturing their products.  They seek to hire underemployed individuals and train them for specialty skills that keep their business alive.  Beyt, which is Arabic and Hebrew for “home”, was opened in Boston in an effort to sell Middle Eastern goods to Western consumers. They are hoping this store is the first of many locations in the United States, building the stage for an even larger opportunity for positive social impact.

While in Boston, Raja and Benedicte employee homeless women to craft their goods; teaching them trades they otherwise may never have learned while giving them an opportunity to earn an honest living.   Learning about the dedication this couple has endured towards bettering the lives of those in need while preserving the integrity of beautiful things found in places now filled with poverty is inspiring.  It’s humbling to meet people who are willing to go so far to better this world.  Their story has encouraged my team and I to work towards participating on projects with a social impact as often as possible.

I highly recommend you check out Beyt and their beautiful products if you are ever in the Cambridge area.

They are located at 185 Mount Auburn Street
Cambridge, MA 02138.

They have a few lines you can view online that I have shared below, but they have much more in store. You can also learn more about Beyt’s mission and values on their website as well as the organizations they partner with to make it all happen.

“Restoring the Unseen Beauty of the Broken”

~ Beyt by 2b design

We used the a lamp from Beyt’s Wrought Iron line below in the Martha’s Vineyard project.

Kate Maloney Interior Design Portfolio - Martha's Vineyard 2BDesign Beyt Lamp

They also carry a Wood Line

KMID Boston Interior Design_Beyt_WoodLine

Tile and Copper collection

KMID Boston Interior Design_Beyt_Tile and Copper Line

KMID Boston Interior Design_Beyt_Tile and Copper Line2

as well as a Cushion and Lamp Shade line!

KMID Boston Interior Design_Beyt_CushionLampShade

I even have a few pieces of theirs in my own home. Including a gorgeous console table made of metal, an old shutter and glass. Just the perfect piece to welcome my guests in a narrow hallway.

Check them out! …and let us know what treasures you find for your own home!

Design and Beauty are everywhere. Be inspired.

One Kings Lane :: Chair Crush Series

kmid_one kings lane_boston Interior Design

One Kings Lane has become a favorite source of mine when hunting the internet for something new and fresh. They do all the digging and sourcing for you and only share the products that align with the OKL brand….which often aligns with the KMID brand so it’s a win win for us. The lines they recommend are among the best and so is their reputation so it takes the guesswork out of trying a new brand…and makes my job that much easier {wink}.

One Kings Lane reached out to me last week to participate in their Chair Crush Series. When OKL expressed they were reaching out to their favorite bloggers to participate in the series I was honored to write a piece for them. While I have had several chair crushes over the years here are a few I have simply been swooning over lately from the “accent chairs” collection on One Kings Lane.


Characteristics:  A club chair is large in scale and is described as a “comfy arm chair”.  It originated in the Art Deco period in France and is usually found in leather.  Today it can be found in almost any kind of fabric and is known as the perfect lounge chair.
I placed four of them surrounding a round wooden coffee table in our Martha’s Vineyard project this past summer.  It’s shown here as a vino table because wine is obviously the next best thing after coffee to lounge with…and the view doesn’t hurt here…especially at sunset…just sayin! Kate Maloney Interior Design Portfolio - Martha's Vineyard

My Club Chair Crush

I love the lines of this piece. Club chairs can quickly get clunky and over scaled but this little gem is just the right proportion.

KMID_Boston Interior Design_ClubChair

The Britta Club Chair, Light Green
by One Kings Lane


Characteristics:  A Wing Back Chair is a taller Club Chair with “wings”.  The wings on the back of the chair were originally placed to keep a draft from the fireplace from hitting the back of the person sitting in the chair.  I love the lines of this chair and while the strategy of the placement of the chairs below was not to protect from draft, I can still take credit right?!

Kate Maloney Interior Design Portfolio - New Hampshire


My Wingback Chair Crush

Wing chairs are classic. They are so often oversized or overstuffed and it literally makes me sad. A wing chair should be clean and simple in my opinion. It just is what it is. Let the graceful lines speak for themselves.



Addison Wingback Chair
by One Kings Lane


Characteristics:  This is the best kind of chair – the chair with no rules! An accent chair can be whatever you want it to be. This chair could be placed solo in the corner of a room for a reading nook or paired as a conversation area.  The “Accent Chair” below is actually a vintage camel saddle I found at Brimfield.  Like I said, an accent chair can literally be anything!

KMID_StichOnTwo_Boston Interior Design

My Accent Chair Crush

It’s hard to just pick one I am crushing on so here are three!  An accent chair just needs to have something interesting to it…pattern, shape or a combination of both. It’s what can give a room a little twist, a little personality and a little fun. I’m notorious for putting a quirky chair in the corner and I love it!  All of the below chairs were selected from the “accent chairs” collection on One Kings Lane.


    Miller Spindle                                           Madrid Chair                              Greek Peak Lounge
One Kings Lane                                      One Kings Lane                                  One Kings Lane
$2,715.00                                               $1,460.00                                               $2,190.00

Friends of KMID :: Carrie Gustafson

There is nothing I love more than collaborating with a local artist. I’m always in awe of the way they see the world and the fact that they can express that view in such a tangible way. Carrie Gustafson is an artist I met several years ago. From the moment I was introduced to her work I was instantly a fan. Carrie and I collaborated on a light fixture for a project we worked on in Wellesley. We were looking for a jewel to compliment our ceiling map installation and we couldn’t have found a better fit…

kmidesign :: Carrie Gustafson

Wellesley Family Home by KMIDesign

Carrie’s work is unique and like nothing else I’ve seen in the glass world {…and you know I’m a sucker for things I’ve never seen before}. The meticulous yet effortless nature of her pieces leaves me in awe. I absolutely love the concept and marvel at how seamless each and every piece becomes. It’s amazing how each piece can feel so unique yet undeniably a Carrie Gustafson creation.

I recently took a visit to Carrie’s studio because we have her work in mind for another client {any excuse}. Here is a sneak peak into what she’s working on right now…


How does she do that?

Carrie has explained the process to me a few times so I’ll see if I can get this right! First she selects the colors she wants to work with and creates the vessel shape. Often she’ll layer the colors so she can determine the strength of the reveal’s contrast. She stencils the glass with one of her signature patterns and cuts the shapes with an X-Acto knife leaving behind her perfectly planned road map.

“My work is largely influenced by the natural world – plants, flowers, seeds, and most recently crystals – and I have come to view working in my studio akin to cultivating a garden.” ~ Carrie

She carves the pattern from rubber resist that she then sandblasts and in turn removes a layer of glass from the reveals to create her 3D texture. The process is meticulous, harsh {and dirty} yet the outcome is just so soft and lovely. Amazing.

kmidesign :: carrie gustafson

While reconnecting with Carrie I learned that she is currently being featured in the February/March issue of American Craft Magazine. There is a FABULOUS spread on Carrie, her story and the beautiful artwork she creates. I ran out immediately to get my own copy. Check her out on newsstands now!! You can also read the full story here on Carrie’s website.

*CG_craft cover Some of my favorites in her current collection…

kmidesign :: carrie gustafson Congratulations Carrie! I love your work and hope to own a piece of it someday. I just have to find the perfect spot and that will help me select the perfect piece {right?! How would I choose?}.

I hope you all enjoy Carrie’s work as much as I do. If you’re interested in speaking with her further about a piece for your own home please don’t hesitate to contact her! You can also see Carrie’s work at the upcoming Smithsonian Craft Show, April 10th to the 13th.

Carrie Gustafson

luv kate 2

Friends of KMID :: The girls of 369 Congress Street

Last Friday night my little lady and I headed into the city for a night on the town. Although these excursions are slightly different with an infant in tow I’m still always up for an adventure. Some of my favorite artists let their creative juices flow at their joint studio space at 369 Congress Street in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood. Friday night they hosted a “Sip and Shop” to sell their treasures while offering a festive vibe to the studio space. With cocktails in hand and a DJ’s tunes filling the air we all enjoyed a party like atmosphere as we sipped and shopped our way through the space. I barely made it through the door and my hands were full! Here are some of my favorite pieces from three of my favorite Boston artists…


Jennifer Hill :: JHill Design is one of those brands that always seems to get my mind racing. I’m instantly dreaming of my next vacation or my next design scheme. Her prints remind me of my designs…layers and layers of pattern and texture. Each of her looks instantly take you to another place. Let your imagination wonder!

Her travel series is one of my favorites. She describes her prints as “Modern travel posters inspired by imaginary vacations to cities around the world.” Where is the private plane? I have a travel bug!


I’m also in love with her alphabet series. I was ECSTATIC to score a large scale print of the “E” for my little E. I’m thrilled!


 Check out Jennifer’s site and pick your destination…

Shop JHill Design

*jillrosenwald-modshoot9Jill Rosenwald :: Jill and I have known each other for quite some time. I found her work originally on-line and then discovered she was a local Boston gal like me. She has been a source of inspiration ever since. I have countless pieces of her work in my home and I’m always complimented when I serve anything on a JR platter. Jill’s work makes beautiful gifts for housewarmings or weddings…who doesn’t love a monogram?!

A few of my favorites currently available on her site…

Shop Jill Rosenwald.

*jill rosenwald

*jsgd_peace on earth

Jessica Sutton :: Jessica was my “new find” of the evening. I wasn’t familiar with her work until last week and now I’m a die hard fan. Some of my favorite purchases of the night were of her work. So many special messages displayed with beautiful graphics. I couldn’t resist…I may or may not have bought everything you see below! I don’t want to ruin any holiday gift surprises but the dinosaur print is going to one special little nephew of mine.

More from Jessica at her Etsy shop…Shop JSGD.


There is nothing like finding treasures to compliment your own home. They are the story of our lives in objects and take us right back to the time and place we first laid eyes on them. How lucky we are to live in a city that celebrates local artists.

Design is everywhere. Be inspired.

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