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Now that things are finally starting to hit a rhythm post-baby, I’m excited to get back into a groove.  One aspect I’m looking forward to is getting back into the blog.  I love being able to chat with you all, read your comments and give you a sneak peak into our projects.

If you’ve been following along, you may remember I posted a few weeks back about this incredibly special project in Cambridge.  These clients, Jessica and Patrick, came to us following the Marathon bombing, looking to transform their space into one that is handicapped accessible and beautiful. You can read more about the project details and the story in our post ‘KMID and “The Meaning of Home” by Design New England’ {here}. You can also read the full article featured in the November/December issue of Design New England, or online here.

Although the shell of this home was beautiful, it didn’t work for Jess and Patrick.  We worked with the architects to create a home that they could easily maneuver through, while still being aesthetically pleasing.  Together we reconfigured cabinets, added an elevator, enlarged door frames, changed the stairway, and completed a lot of projects to make this space work for them. Then we layered on some wallpaper, window treatments, furnishings and accessories and this space became a home.

When we go places, it’s a constant battle of being creative about how you can adapt to the space.  It’s so nice to have a space adapted to you.  Not only aesthetically is that nice, but emotionally.  It’s a luxury to have all those accessibility features and know it can still be nice, so it’s not a constant reminder of your disability.

Today I wanted to share with you some before & after photos of Jess and Patrick’s “Cambridge Retreat”. All of the elements in this home came together beautifully and perfectly capture the spirit of the homeowners. It was such a rewarding and transformative experience and I’m thrilled to show it off to you all!

MJL_KMID_Boston Interior Design_Cambridge_Pacific_1




MJL_KMID_Boston Interior Design_Cambridge_7



Kate and Thiara really had to get in our head, our lifestyle, what we’re comfortable with, and what we’re not.  We were still getting used to these bodies and figuring out what works, what doesn’t and what makes us feel safe.  These were conversations that can be challenging to navigate, but they are eager to learn and we were happy to teach them.  They were so respectful and kind.

For more photos from this project {shot by Michael J. Lee Photography} check out Cambridge Retreat in the Portfolio section of our website or check out our Pinterest page.

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